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Cycling (Road Racing)

Cycling (Road Racing)

Road bicycle racing is a sport in which riders tend to outrace each other on their bicycles and the one whose is the fastest to reach the line at the end of course is declared the winner. The sport takes place on paved roads.Road bicycle racing started off as an organized sport in 1868. The first ever world championship took place in 1893. Cycling became a part of Olympics in 1895. The modern form of road racing came into being in 19th century. The few initial races were Tour de France and Tour of Flanders. These races provided foundation for modern road racing around the world.   The objective is clear: to be the first one to reach the finishing line. Cyclists make use of various tactics to reach the finishing line such as decreasing the pedal effort by following the slipstream of the front rider. Riding in the main field that saves around 40 % of the energy employed in the forward motion in comparison to riding alone. Riders form groups and separate from themselves from peloton to gain more freedom and more speed. The group needs to work with high coordination and teamwork in order to maintain high speed and achieve other objectives of breaking away from peloton. Some notable bicycle racers of all times are Jan Ullrich, Lance Armstrong, Fausto Coppi and Felice Gimondi



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