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Cross-Country Mountain Biking

Cross-Country Mountain Biking

Cross-country mountain biking or XC cycling is the most common type of mountain biking. XC Cycling has been part of the Olympics since 1996.   The courses and trails for XC cycling consist of a mix forest paths, single track, smooth fire roads, and paved paths. The bikes used for cross country cycling are some of the lightest mountain bikes; they are around 7 to 16 kilograms. Most cross country races can last up to 24 hours. Some events are divided into stages so it will span into several days. Some races are point-to-point or lap based. There are also short-track cross country races which consists of short laps. Cross country races involves a mass start or interval start, the riders releases according to their groups, the groups are divided into age and/or ability. Cross country racing is governed by the Union Cycliste Internationale. Other Cross country disciplines are the: cross country eliminator, cross country Olympic, and cross country marathon.



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