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Cycle Speedway

Cycle Speedway

Cycle Speedway is a bicycle racing sport which originated as an idea to replicate motor speedway using bicycles. Unofficial races were conducted in the UK until the sport was codified in 1971.   The bicycles used for cycle speedway has a single gear at the front and the rear, and do not have any breaks. The bicycles used are lightweight, and resembles a hybrid of road and mountain bikes. Riders wear a full body suit, with protective gears like helmets, and pads for knees, elbows and hips. Races are mostly conducted outdoors on dirt tracks. Cycle speedway races are conducted in three different formats, individuals, a pair, and a team of four. The tracks are narrow, so, for each race, a maximum of four riders can compete. For each race, riders have to complete four laps around the track. The rider who crosses the finish line first is declared as the winner of the race.Races are conducted as a series. Each series consists of 8 to24 races. Points will be awarded to the riders after each race, depending on what position a rider finished. In a single day of racing, multiple series will be conducted. The winner is the individual (or team) that gets the most points in all the series combined. Most cycle speedway competitions are conducted in the UK.  The sport is also has a world championships and European championships.



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