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Beach Handball

Beach Handball

Beach handball, which is also called sandball, is a game similar to team handball which is played on a beach. It is played by two teams with four players each.
A team can have at least 8 players in the roster, and they must have at least 6 when the match begins. If they have 4 or less than 4, the opposing team automatically wins the game. A team must have 3 court players and 1 goalkeeper. Beach handball should be played in a court which is around 27 meters in length and 12 meters I width, and should have at least 40-centimere deep sand. The goal is for the teams to pass and bounce the ball, and then attempt to throw it in the opposing team’s goal. Beach handball matches are usually played in two or three sets, but if depends on the team wins the second set. For scoring, when a goalkeeper scores, the team is given 2 points, when the court player scores, it is only 1 point.



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