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Czech Handball

Czech Handball

Czech handball is a ball game which was created in Prague, Czech Republic in 1905. The Czech term for this is narodni hazena which means national handball.
Czech handball has similarities with team handball. This sport was mentioned in Vaclav Karas’s sports journal. Later on, Klenka and Kristof developed rules for this game. In 1908, Kristof started the first Czech handball association in Prague.
The rules of this sport is similar to team hand ball, but there are differences. The size of the field should be 45 by 30 meters, the goal should be 240 cm in height, and 200 cm in width.
The field has three areas, the defense third, middle third, and offense third. Two teams can play with 7 players each, the goalkeeper, 2 halfbacks, and 3 forwards. The players cannot hold the ball for more than 2 second. The player can either throw the ball upon the head or can bounce the ball off the ground. The forwards may go to the opposing team’s goal area, but the player cannot shoot from there.



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