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American Handball

American Handball

American handball dates back to 1873 and until the early 1900s four-wall handball was very well established. One-wall handball became popular in 1930s around beaches of New York. It is a very different sport to European (team) Handball.
American handball is a striking the ball type of sport in which 2, 3 or 4 players use their hands for hitting small rubber ball against a wall in a way that when it bounces back the opponent player cannot return it. The game with three players is known as cut-throat.
It’s played in a walled-court that can be single walled, three-wall or fully enclosed with 4 walls. Only the four-wall court has ceiling. Standard court dimension is 40x20 feet and its back wall made of glass is normally 12 feet high. The front wall is 20 feet square long while side walls are 40 feet in length and 20 feet in height.
A short line divides the court floor into two equal halves and service line is at 5 feet from this short line. In between these two lines is service zone. The three-wall court usually has one front wall flanked by two triangular wings and two full side walls.
American Handball Variations include:



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