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Chinese Handball

Chinese Handball

Chinese handball is a form of American handball which is popular in the streets of New York City, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. Another game similar to this is called wallball.
The game is also known in its three or more players forms as Ace-King-Queen, Kings, Down the River, and Slugs. The objective of the game is to hit the ball; it can be a racquetball or a spaldeen, in a way that the opposing player can’t return the shot before it will bounce again after hitting the wall.
This game can also be played by two players, but it can also be played by more players in an elimination game or the Ace-King-Queen. Some of the special techniques used are the: wormburner, through the legs shot, cobble smash, behind the back shot, watermelon, and slice. Other variations of the Chinese handball game are between the legs, reject, interference, grass/wall/fence/curb, egg rolls, ace rule, one bounce one out, carries, babying, and hindu.



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