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Education in Belgium consists of the following: Basic education consisting of   Preschool education: -6 years,  Primary school : 6–12 years, Secondary education -12–18 years. Education in Belgium is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 18.Education in Belgium is regulated and for the larger part financed by one of the three communities: Flemish, French and German-speaking. All three communities have a unified school system with small differences from one community to another. The national government plays a very small role: it decides directly the age for mandatory schooling and indirectly the financing of the communities.

Free pre-primary schooling is provided to very child from the age of 2 years 6 months. In most schools the child can start in school as soon as they reach this age, so class size for the youngest children grows during the year. The aim of pre-school is to develop, in a playful way, children's cognitive skills, their capacity to express themselves and communicate their creativity and independence. There are no formal lessons or assessments, and everything is done in a playful way.
Secondary school is divided into four general types. General Secondary Education, Technical Secondary Education, Vocational Secondary Education & Art Secondary Education 



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