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Jyotir Vigyan (Astrology)

Astrology is a science that is being practiced from the very ancient times. History records the belief and faith people once had and still have now. Astrology is concerned with a collection of beliefs, customs and the codices that embrace the relative positions of the stars, celestial bodies and other related matters. This science is applied to provide information pertaining to human relations, lives, affairs, and other earthly topics. Astrology has been defined as a ‘foretelling introspective science' that looks into the influence that celestial bodies hold over the lives of mankind. The science of Astrology holds significant information for the development of humanity.

B.A. in Jyotir Vigyan (Astrology)

Astrology as a subject of study in degree course was introduced by University Grant Commission (UGC) in the year 2000. It was the then HRD m...

Certificate in Jyotir Vigyan (Astrology)

Some colleges offering the certificate course are: Indian Institute of Astrology International School of Astrology ...



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