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Travel and Tourism

The Travel and Tourism industry is such an industry that even though it is relatively new than the others but it is still growing and is also expected to do well in the coming years as well. The field of travel and tourism primarily deals with taking care of tourists, hospitality management, travel management, tour management etc. Someone who is looking to be a part of the tourism industry must have the hunger to learn new things every day, along with the knack of staying update with the latest news, socio, economic trends and a strong geography. Some of the Travel and Tourism undergraduate courses available in India are: 

B.A. in Tourism Studies

B.A. in Tourism Studies is a 3-year undergraduate course which is an advanced study of tourism and skills involved in establishing, organizing, and ma...

B.B.A in Tourism and Travel Management

B.B.A in Tourism and Travel Management is a 3-year full time undergraduate course best suited for those who are interested in seeking a career in the ...

B.Com. Tourism & Travel Management

B.Com. in Tourism and Travel Management is a 3-year full-time undergraduate course, where tourism management is the study and analysis of the trends i...



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