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Journalism and Mass Communication

Mass communication is the study of how people exchange information through mass media to large segments of the population at the same time. Starting from radio, TV, news, magazines to the Internet, social media, films; any platform that is used to spread messages, opinions, news and entertainment to the masses (a large group of people) comes under the purview of Mass Communication. It is a broad field, and includes a fusion of photography, filmmaking, journalism, advertisement, public relations, content writing, etc.

Journalism, on the other hand, revolves mainly around communicating news to people. The study of journalism involves looking at how news is produced, and how it is disseminated to the public through mass mediaoutlets such as newspapers, news channel, radio station, television station, and more recently, e-readers and smartphones. The information provided pertains to current events, trends, issues, and people. The news broadcasted can be from politics, economics, business, science, sports or entertainment sector.

Mass Communication and Journalism are two different aspects of the same thing, to quite an extent. Or simply put, Mass Communication is an umbrella term that includes many fields such as Advertising, Event Management, Public Relations, etc., one of which is Journalism. There are many courses that give us the knowledge and the platform to get into Mass Communication and Journalism. Many of these degrees are common to both Mass Communication and Journalism, while some either focus purely on Mass Communication or on Journalism. Here are a few most common courses for Mass Communication and Journalism:

Bachelor of Mass Media and Mass Communication (BMMMC)

BMMMC is quite popular among students aspiring for various sectors in the media. In six semesters over three years the course trains them in the skill...



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